Word Study

Students will receive a spelling list on Mondays and have the opportunity to practice the spelling words with different activities in school during the week. Students are expected to show responsibility by finishing the activities and turning them in by the end of the week.

In order to be successful students need to practice the words at home as well. On Fridays we will have a spelling test.

For word study our character targets are:

  • I can be responsible for my own learning by finishing and handing my assignments in on time.
  • I can show excellence by putting forth my best effort and making my work its best.

To track our progress and focus on our character targets we will have a tracker for our word study. Click here to see the tracker: Responsibility Tracker ELA

After five word studies students will receive a grade each for showing responsibility, excellence, and a grade telling them if they have achieved the standard goal.

Word Study Activities to use at home

Choose one of the activities to study your spelling words each night.

  1. Write your spelling words in alphabetical order.
  2. Find synonyms for each of your spelling words.
  3. Break your spelling words up into syllables.
  4. Bounce a ball and spell your words to the rhythm.
  5. Write each spelling word using a different color.
  6. Use a stick to scratch your spelling words in the dirt.
  7. Use a whiteboard or chalkboard to write your spelling words.
  8. Use rocks, twigs, and leaves to form your spelling words on the ground outside.
  9. Go on a word hunt in your spelling words. Can you find any smaller words within your words?
  10. Count the letters in each spelling word. Write your words in order from least to most letters.
  11. Take a practice test: Ask someone to read the words to you so you can write them down without looking at the list.