Daily Schedule


Crew & Attendance

Class starts at 8:20 sharp with attendance, lunch counts, and morning crew. Crew is an essential part of our day. It gives each child the opportunity to arrive mentally at school and get ready for the day. It is also an important time to bond with other crewmates. I would hate for your child to miss out on it.

All students arriving after 8:20 need to check in at the office to receive an admittance slip.

It is the responsibility of the student or the parent to gather information about missed school work due to absences, tardiness, or as a result of being checked out early. Work will be due one day later if the student missed one day, two days if the student missed two days, etc.

All absences need to be excused by e-mailing me or calling the school office, so I know your child is okay and safe and didn’t get lost on its way to school.


Even if it is not particularly announced, homework always includes:

  •  at least 20 minutes of reading every day
  •  word study
  •  any unfinished assignments from school



Each student will receive their own planner from me. Students will be given time to write down daily assignments/homework. The planners need to go home every day and come back to school the next day. Please read your child’s entry every day.



I expect my students to follow the classroom and school norms. My classroom is a safe and loving environment and I will not tolerate students bullying others, stopping other students from learning, or doing anything that is not in the best interest of the crew. However if they do so, they have to accept the consequences of their choices. Classroom norms are developed by the crew, posted in the classroom, and referred to during the school day.

These are the crew norms the students agreed upon:

Consequence & Reward System

A system that has worked well in the past and is liked by students is a stoplight posted in the classroom. All students start their day on green. After not following classroom/school norms repeatedly and being warned, they will move to yellow. If a student repeatedly does not follow classroom/school norms they will moved to red. If a student is on red I will contact the parents and send the student to Mr. McKay’s office.

GREEN = Awesome! I followed the norms.
YELLOW = Warning! I have to change my behavior. 
RED = Oh oh! Trip to Mr. McKay's office and my parents are contacted.

For 10 “green days” each student gets to choose something from the Treasure Box (filled with little toys, balloons, note pads, fancy pencils, pens, erasers, etc. – no candy!)