3rd Grade Math

Eureka Math

In our third grade Math class we teach Eureka Math. There are 7 Modules (different topics) in third grade. Each Module has between 9 and 30 lessons.

A lesson usually consists of some kind of fluency practice, some repetition, developing a (new) concept, independent practice, an exit ticket, and homework. Sometimes there will be extra worksheets to deepen and/or broaden the understanding of the learned concept. Extra worksheets are not mandatory but definitely helpful.

In the middle of most Modules and at the end of all Modules there will be a test (Mid-Module or End-of-Module Assessment Task).

Homework and Responsibility

Students usually start their homework paper in school (there is one for every lesson, which means every day). If homework is not finished by the end of the lesson, students are expected to finish it at home in order to be prepared for the next lesson.

Homework papers need to be handed in the next day. There is an exception if you missed a day of school (see section “crew” –> homework).

Our Character Target for homework is:

  • I can be responsible for my own learning by finishing and handing my assignments in on time.

We have a responsibility tracker. For each finished and handed in homework paper a student will receive a sticker or stamp. There will be extra stickers for extra worksheets that can be used to make up for missed work.

Click here to see the tracker:

Responsibility Tracker

At the end of each Module there will be a responsibility grade based on the students tracker.

If you notice that your child has some difficulties with a specific problem on the homework paper, just write a short note on the paper or send me a short email so I am aware of the problem.