Field Work to Hive Supply & Botanical Gardens

On September 27th we went on field work to study bees.

Our first stop was the Deseret Hive Supply in Ogden. In three rotations we were able to make observations about honeybees in and out of the hive.


In one of the rotations we got to observe a honey extraction, learned about different tools to extract the honey, and watched bees in a hive.

Another station was with the owner of Deseret Hive Supply. She taught us important facts about honeybees and showed us a lot of cool pictures.

A third station was the store. Students had the chance to try on beekeeper equipment and look at all the things you can make with honey. They got to put together a hive as well.

After our visit at the Deseret Hive Supply it was time for lunch. We first ate at the Ogden Botanical Gardens, then explored the different flowers there. Even though it was raining for part of our visit, we were able to see some bees and take pictures for our final product.


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