Expedition Kick Off

On August 26th we kicked off our new Expedition BEE FRIENDLY.

Before the students found out about the topic of our expedition, we started with a silent gallery walk in our community space. We looked at pictures and made notes on a note catcher.

After drawing our first bee, revealing the Expedition title, the guiding questions and long term learning targets, we made our Expedition sign for the classroom.

This week we also learned 10 lessons from honeybees.

  1. Honeybees store food for bad times.
  2. They work in a team.
  3. Honeybees share the work.
  4. They work while the sun shines.
  5. In a beehive, everybody matters!
  6. Hard times happen.
  7. Sharing is good.
  8. Honeybees adapt.
  9. Communication should be honest.
  10. High Quality is important.

Students discussed the lesson that is most important to them and why.

We then worked in groups to solve a puzzle to find out more about the anatomy of the honeybee.

Next week we will dive deeper into investigating the physical characteristics of the honeybee and their life cycle.



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